St. Croix Lutheran offers students the tools necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving technological world, and the campus is 100% wireless accessible.

Classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard or smart TV technology. Students in the middle school are lent a Chromebook for the year. In the high school, the 1:1 laptop/device classroom initiative that allows every student to bring an electronic device into the classroom for immediate access to internet resources, improved communication with teachers using Google tools, and improved organizational skills.

Chapel services incorporate video and digital resources using the triple-screen video projection system and are streamed live via the internet every day. Web streaming has also been used for athletics, music concerts, and special events enabling relatives and friends near and far to be a part of the activities at SCL.

SCL’s Library Media Center offers students access to:

  • An extensive collection of online resources
  • Computers available in study halls and before/after school hours
  • Computer labs for class-time work

Student email accounts are provided for each student and are used by instructors and staff to communicate directly with students.

The student records management system, Educate, provides both students and parents a secure portal to access their personal records for an immediate grade, attendance, and conduct information.

Afton Sobasky, Class of 2014, D1 Scholarship Athlete, Bradley University
" Playing among teammates who have the same beliefs as you creates amazing team chemistry and many opportunities to grow as a Christian athlete. "
- Afton '14