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Parents can access student assignments by clicking on the link next to the class. If you have questions about a particular assignment, please contact the instructor for that course directly.

Lucas Boehm

Bible Knowledge 2


Drawing I/II


Fundamentals of Art/Drawing


Sculpture I/II



Joel Burmeister

Advanced Algebra 2 and Trigonometry


Advanced Math



Grey Davis

Modern World History


AP U.S. History



Tony Drkula



Personal Finance



Rev. Jon Enter

Religion 12



John Fenske



MS Band


MS Religion B



Adam Frey

Body Shop


Contemporary Literature


Honors English



Ric Gibson

Latin II



Rachel Grev



Consumer Math


Fit For Life




MS 7/8 PE (Girls)





Rebecca Hillstrom

AP Psychology


Foods/Child Development



Rev. Dave Huebner

Bible Knowledge 1 


German 2


Latin 1



Jonathan Huebner

AP Calculus AB


AP Calculus BC





Erin Hulse

American Literature


AP Language



Ryan Hulse

Religion 10


Religion 9 (Set 1)


Religion 9 (Set 3)


Religion 9 (Set 4)



Mark Kaiser

Ancient World History


World Literature



Nate Kallies

MS Religion C



Lorna Kapanke

Algebra 1


Developmental Reading



Drew Kock

MS U.S. History



Karl Kuschel

Algebra 1 - Set 2


Algebra 1 - Set 4


MS Pre-Algebra - Set 6


Pre-Algebra - Set 3



Sarah Kuschel

MS Language Arts 1


MS Language Arts 2


MS Language Arts 3



Kristin Lehmann

Mandarin 2 (Set 4)


Mandarin 3 (Set 7)


Mandarin 1 (Set 8)



Rebecca Maki

AP Literature


British Literature/Drama


MS Language Arts 3



Chris Maki

Video Recording Arts (VRA)



April Marquardt



MS Spanish 1A


MS Spanish 1B



Mike Marquardt



Concert Choir


MS Choir


MS Religion C


Religion 9



Dave Mielke




Cory Olson

German 1


German 3/4


Spanish 1


Spanish 3



Ellen Pieper

ESL History


Health 9


Physical Education 9


U.S. History



Ryan Rathje




Sarah Rigge




Sarah Sauer

ESL Reading and Writing


ESL Speaking and Listening


ESL Grammar and Composition


Spanish 2


Spanish 4/5



Brent Schacht

Phy Ed and Health


Earth Science





Karen Scislow

Ceramics (Set 2)


Ceramics (Set 3)


MS Art



Rev. Dustin Sievert

MS Religion A


Religion 11



Leanne Stob

AP Physics 1 


AP Physics 2


Principles of Engineering


STEM Capstone



Cate Strehlow

MS Automation and Robotics (1st Sem)


Intro to Middle School


MS Math 1


MS Science (2nd Sem)



Jeff Strehlow

AP Chemistry





David Tess

Algebra 2/Trigonometry


Computer Science Principles (CSP)


Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)



Paul Weihing

Applied Technology - Set 2


Applied Technology - Set 6


Bible Class 9 (Set 3)

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Jeffrey Dubose, Class of 2010, Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship, Gustavus Adolphus College
" The program at SCL is great for multiple-sport athletes because the coaches from various sports work together to give the athletes the best opportunity to play competitively in all their desired sports. "
- Jeffrey '10