Student Success Stories

Tyler Wood SCLA Class of 2013

Tyler Wood (‘13) is an avid golfer and sandwich shop owner who loves his alma mater and keeps giving back.

Andrew Tiarks ('13)

For Andrew Tiarks (‘13), going to St. Croix Lutheran Academy is a legacy in his family -- and he couldn’t be prouder.

Lab assistant Gunther Grinde in PPE conducting COVID-19 tesitng.

Gunther Grinde is conducting critical testing to identify the novel coronavirus as part of the state of Nebraska’s Test Nebraska initiative.

Craig Laurence Rice 1969

As part of Black History Month, entertainment executive, artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and market executive Craig Laurence Rice returned to his alma mater .

Nhae Nhae Pasahanunwut 2019

At this small Minnesota school with international connections, Nae Nhae found friends from America, Brazil, Eritrea, Nigeria and Turkey.