Student Success Stories

Michelle Wirth 2009

SCLA is excited to welcome Kaitlin Rupprecht (Adsit ‘16) to the Mission Advancement Team! Kaitlin was our school study hall supervisor and attendance secretary last year, and as a fairly recent alumna, she brings a wealth of knowledge, school culture, and personal experience to her new role as Manager of Alumni Relations. Get to know Kaitlin!

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As a pastor’s kid, Paul Huebner (‘00) grew up around St. Croix even before his high school years. He reflects on the importance of his Christian education and how he will encourage future pastors and teachers through his new football coaching role at Martin Luther College.

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Crystal Carmichael ('14)

Crystal Carmichael (‘14) and her family have been familiar faces around St. Croix for years. Crystal and her three sisters all attended SCLA and lived in the dorm. After obtaining her teaching degree from Martin Luther College, Crystal returned to SCLA to teach and serve as a dorm supervisor! Crystal shares her experience in the SCLA ministry from different contexts and how God prepared her for her current role in Florida.

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Ade Murkey Sacramento Kings

Ade Murkey (‘16) plays guard for the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Sacramento Kings G-League affiliate Stockton Kings. When he recently received a 10-day contract with the Sacramento Kings, he became the first St. Croix graduate to appear in an NBA game.

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We caught up with Garett Maag (‘18) who is a Division-I student athlete at University of North Dakota. He plays wide receiver for FCS (1-AA) North Dakota out of the Missouri Valley Football Conference. Read about his SCLA football story and what led him to continue playing in college. 

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Parker Lewis (‘21) came to SCLA in 7th grade as an apprehensive middle school student in need of a change. Although he “cried his eyes out” when he came to shadow, he left laughing and joyful after immediately connecting with new friends. Now graduated, he is preparing for his future as a Christian teacher. His testimony is one of God’s unwavering grace, love, and provision, and a must-read.


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Over the past few months, Nick Krueger (‘05), an aide to representative Terry Katsma (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin), has had a wild ride in his run for office in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Nick shares about the SCLA teachers that impacted and prepared him, his run for office, and his hobby of restoring their historic home. 

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Jared Joyal (‘17) is a recent graduate who has taken his creativity, attention to detail, and gaming hobby to the next level by landing a job at Epic Games where he helps develop the popular online video game Fortnite.

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Wade Shult, Leah Sonnenburg, Madylin Mielke

College life can be a bit tricky to manage, but then combine it with a pandemic and things get even harder. We caught up with two recent SCLA alumni who are currently studying at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN and are learning how to hold on to patience, hope, and faith. Wade Shult (‘16) is a senior looking forward to his first teaching assignment and getting married in just a few weeks. Madylin Mielke (‘19) is a sophomore who is looking forward to summer with family and friends and returning to SCLA to coach summer basketball camp.

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Kristen (Scislow ‘05) and Bryan Budahn (‘05) have had their share of adventures since their time in high school at SCLA. From delivering babies to brewing beer to climbing mountains around the world, the Budahns took their passions and ran with them. Read on for how the pandemic has affected their careers and how they’ve done their best to make the most of every situation.

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Loren Kosloske (‘10)

In just ten years, Loren Kosloske has gone from learning in the classrooms of SCLA to working as a a Senior Strategy and Operations Manager at Uber in Seattle. The pandemic has called on everyone to adapt, including Loren’s work at the ride-share company. Loren answered some questions for us about what he’s been up to and shares his hopes for more SCLA alumni to mentor current students.

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Andrew Tiarks ('13)

As an independent financial advisor, Andy has worked the last five years at Tiarks, Becker, and Hackett Financial based out of Pine Island, Minnesota. Andy has served at SCLA as a volunteer head throwing coach for the Crusader track and field team, and he has served as an assistant football coach. He took part in 2019 Career Day at SCLA by explaining his role in the finance industry and answering student questions.

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Trever Koester '15

Since graduating from UW-Stout in May 2018, Trever has been employed full time at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul as a clinical research coordinator. He still attends his home congregation at Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater where he also teaches Sunday school.

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Alisha Johnson '84

Alisha Johnson, class of 1984, used her energy and passion for learning to work her way up in the banking and marketing world, and is now Executive Vice President of Operations at Ideal Credit Union. She is a shining example of finding a way to do what you love - sports, music, writing, government, and business - while still preparing for a satisfying career.

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Cathy Tao '99 Baptism

To add to her many blessings, Cathy was baptized in the SCL chapel on April 10, 2018. She wanted to come back to the place where she was introduced to Christianity for this special sacrament. “Since being introduced to God by St. Croix, I have personally witnessed the power of the Lord everywhere I went, in every country and continent. He always led the way to where I am, and now it’s time for me to declare to the world my belief of Him through baptism. I cannot think of a better place to do it except St. Croix.”

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Jason Bao 2019 Science Lab

Jason Bao’s first visit to the U.S. was a summer English camp in Connecticut at age 14. He enjoyed the freedom, and after camp when his parents in Shanghai asked he’d like to attend American high school, Jason said, “Yes!” 

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