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A St. Croix Lutheran international student volunteering at a nursing homeAll SCL students are encouraged to build servant leadership skills by sharing their time and talent as active volunteers. Opportunities for this type of service are available inside and outside of the classroom and include community clean-up, visits with the elderly, ministry to people with special needs, peer tutoring, mission trips, and many others. 

Any volunteer time spent at church, school, or in the community is eligible for credit hours. SCL records these service hours on student transcripts and the permanent record. Universities often consider a student's life outside of school along with GPA and coursework when determining acceptance to college and eligibility for scholarship awards. 

New Friends

For people with special needs, developing friendships can often be tough. In response to this, teens from St. Croix Lutheran have developed a friendship group called New Friends. This friendship group aims to  create an atmosphere where everyone who attends can hang out and develop friendships in an atmosphere of 100% love and acceptance. At a New Friends event, young people, with and without special needs, join together to enjoy various activities like games, music, crafts, and snacks. The focus is on having fun and developing new friendships in a safe, judgment free environment. Learn more at 

Stream Team

Students interested in the visual arts and broadcasting have the opportunity to serve as camera operators, broadcast associates, and sound/light technicians for various events. The co-curricular program is led by the Visual Recording Arts class instructor. This service group learns about SCL’s modern broadcast audio visual technologies and volunteers time and talents for chapel, concerts, sporting events, and other major events, such as graduation. Visit the YouTube page for SCL videos.

Crusader Athletics Student Leadership Team

The purpose of the Crusader Athletics Leadership Team is to build and equalize both spiritual and financial support for all SCL teams. Duties may include cheerleading at specific events and assisting with fundraising events, e.g. the 5K and the golf classic, among others. Students meet monthly for team building, leadership, and character training during the school day, including a leadership-focused Bible study. Read more about the student athletic leaders here.

Homeroom Food Drive

Homerooms composed of different grade levels bond as a team in an annual competition to collect the most food for those in need. Students and families consistently gather over 1500 pounds of nonperishable foods each year.  

Other Service Opportunities

  • Peer Tutors (after-school peer tutoring)
  • Blood drives
  • Clothing drive
  • Roadside clean-up
  • Packing meals for the hungry
  • Night to Shine (Tim Tebow Foundation sponsored prom for people with special needs)
  • Southview Acres (visiting the elderly)
  • Dodge Nature Center (clean-up of park and trails)
  • more... 


Homeroom Leaders

Students volunteer for this multi-faceted leadership program and are selected by coaches and instructors. Leaders attend a day-long workshop at SCL presented by an outside expert in the field of leadership. In August, selected students attend a day-long leadership seminar off-campus. Peer leaders often provide peer mentoring and homework assistance.

Student CouncilSt. Croix Lutheran students at the Youth in Government Invotational

The student council assists in the planning of school activities, promotes good student-faculty relationships, fosters student leadership, and nurtures a healthy school spirit among all students. Student council membership includes a male and female representative from each class, an international representative from each class, a president from each class, and five executive officers (president, vice president, international representative, secretary, and treasurer). Each class elects its own representatives, and the entire student body elects the executive officers.

Student Council Mission Project

Each year the SCL student council selects a mission project and raises money throughout the year through special events, dress-down days, sales, and contests. Past mission projects have included Friends of China, Christian Life Ministries, the Longonot Education Initiative (LEI), Logan Loves, and hurricane relief.

Youth in Government

This nation-wide program consists of students interested in the democratic process. They meet weekly starting at the beginning of the school year to move through a model legislative process that culminates in January at the St. Paul government center with a weekend of debates, voting, and trials.


Students apply to represent SCL in their home country, grade school, and church. St. Croix Lutheran ambassadors host events, present to grade school students, provide tours to new families, and write thank you notes to elder church leaders.

National Honor Society

NHS is a select leadership service organization that organizes two annual blood drives, highway cleanup, and other projects. All students in grades 10 through 12 who have been enrolled for at least one semester and who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 are eligible to become NHS candidates. SCL instructors make further selections based on the NHS standards of leadership, service, and character.


With over 100 international students in attendance, students at SCL experience a broad intersection of cultures in daily life and through organized programming. Dormitory students have the chance to hare a room with a student from a different state, country, or continent.

Designed cultural experiences and a cross-cultural mentoring program enable international students to find success inside and outside of the classroom. International students also have opportunities to share their own cultural background by presenting to school groups and showing friends the unique and interesting aspects of their life at home.

Global Leadership Team

This select group of international and American students meets regularly throughout the school year to discuss school culture and help facilitate fun cross-cultural learning experiences. The team plans cultural aspects into many everyday events and implements unique experiences such as the International Festival, multi-cultural holidays, and multi-cultural presentations to SCL’s student body and other schools.

United Nations Assembly

This world-wide program consists of students interested in international diplomacy and the process of law. Started at SCL by a Korean student, this team has the advantage of the international mix of SCL students. They meet weekly to plan for the model assembly held annually in March at the large conference center in downtown Minneapolis.

International Mentoring

This important group of select American volunteers donates their talents and a part of their summer. They are the first American students to meet new international students at the beginning of the school year and participate in focused events to ease transition to American school and social life. Mentors experience the benefits of cross-cultural friendship through fun and personal multi-cultural interactions.

China Trip

Chinese language students at SCL are encouraged to visit China on a school-sponsored trip available every two years. Students participate in an authentic service learning trip through a one-week experience teaching at a summer English camp for children in Beijing. Students and chaperones then take one week to visit the ancient land and culture of China in Beijing and Xian, China.

German Exchange Trip

Experiential learning in the German language includes an on-going interaction with students at Evangelisches Gymnasium in Siegen, Germany. On alternating years, students come from Germany to visit SCL for two weeks and SCL students visit Germany.

Costa Rica Trip

SCL’s large Spanish language program offers a bi-annual trip to Costa Rica or other locations in Latin America to provide relief and lead Christian programs for young people in the local communities. 

Academic Teams

Speech Team

Speech is a Minnesota State High School League activity that begins in November and ends with the State Speech Tournament in April. All students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in one of the thirteen League-sanctioned categories. 

SCL students regularly advance to competition at the State Speech Tournament, often qualifying for Finals and a state ranking.

To be on the team, students must attend team meetings once per week, practice with a coach and peer once per week, and attend a minimum of three tournaments out of the nine scheduled during February and March. To letter, students must attend at least six tournaments. The top three students in each of the thirteen categories at the Section Tournament will advance to the State Speech Tournament. 

Math Competitors

Students compete in six rounds of the Minnesota Math League Contest from October through February and compete in collegiate math contests by working after school with the head of SCL’s math department.

Afton Sobasky, Class of 2014, D1 Scholarship Athlete, Bradley University
" The program covers all aspects of a student’s life: pushing me to excel in the classroom, using my God-given talents to His glory, and being a Christian leader to my teammates. "
- Afton '14