Students at SCLA use Naviance to assist in their research and communication with various colleges and universities. Visit or click the button below to access the site. Parent accounts are available upon request. Email Drew Kock ( for more information.

Students are encouraged to volunteer in various capacities throughout high school. Some colleges and universities ask applicants to provide the number of hours and types of volunteer service they have done. SCLA students can use X2Vol to log and track those hours. Visit to access the site.

Video Tutorials

Students are encouraged to request a letter of recommendation from a teacher. Some students will want to request more than one. The document below is the letter of recommendation request form. Students are expected to provide the paper copy to teachers and return it to the Guidance Center.

Letter of Recommendation Request

After applying to a college or university, students will need to request that transcripts be sent to the institution. SCLA sends those transcripts and other pertinent materials once a request is received. Students return this form to the Guidance Center.

Transcript Request (Current Students ONLY - Alumni, visit