The dormitory director, dorm student advisor, and six full-time residence supervisors oversee the dormitory with at least two supervisors on duty at all times. They also tend to the day-to-day needs of all dorm students. Supervisors routinely check on students. Regularly scheduled meetings, special events, and celebrations are also typical aspects of residence life.

Garrett Schoch

Dormitory Director, Instructor

Tamara Julian

Dormitory Student Advisor

Rev. David Huebner

Guidance Director, Instructor, Coach

Gregory Brisolara

Dorm Supervisor, Instructor

Isaac McClosky

Dorm Supervisor

Maria Reese

Dorm Supervisor, Instructor

Sara Rieke

Instructor, Dorm Supervisor

Kostia Skorenkyi

Dorm Supervisor

Hannah Willems

Dorm Supervisor