Dormitory Portal

Thank you for visiting the St. Croix Lutheran Academy online dormitory portal. The portal is a tool current dormitory families use for communication and helpful information. See the “In This Section” menu for details and resources. Email Grey Davis, Dormitory Director for assistance.


On-Duty Supervisor Numbers

Girls: (651) 998-9241
Boys: (651) 998-4019 

Dorm Instagram

    Dormitory Director

    Grey Davis

    Dormitory Director, Instructor
    B.A., Education
    M.Ed., Leadership
    School: ext. 1123

    Mr. Grey Davis oversees the student residential program at SCLA. He guides the Dormitory Student Advisor and dormitory staff on the day-to-day operations and caretaking of the residential community for the student’s well-being.   

    He has a passion for helping families across the nation and world. He challenges stduents to grow with one another and promotes lifelong relationships among the St. Croix community no matter where a family resides. Mr. Davis enjoys learning about the journey the residential program has had since 1995 and works each day to find easier ways for people to stay connected and for families/staff to be set up for growth. The residential program is close to his heart as he served and lived in the dormitory as a supervisor/director from 2016-2022.