Fee Payments

The St. Croix. Lutheran Online Payments Form can be used to make various payments to St. Croix Lutheran. These payment types include, but are not limited to, registration fees, locker fees, textbook payments, library fines, and ticket purchases. We have included an "Other" payment option for you to use if the type of payment you need to make doesn't fall into the previously mentioned payment types. In addition, you can include up to 6 separate payments using this one form.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your payment, please make sure to keep a copy of your receipt for your records

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Anthea Chow, Class of 2002, University of Washington, M.A. Cornell University, HR Employee of Microsoft Corporation
" I would encourage international students to join an after-school sports program or club and participate in other activities because that will give you a complete study abroad experience. "
- Anthea '02