Costa Rica Trip

June 2-10, 2024

Ms. Sarah Sauer will lead a group trip to Costa Rica. Students (Spanish 2 and above) who are interested in attending Spanish classes, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, ziplining, dancing, and walks on the beach.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sauer by email

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When is it?

June 2-10, 2024

Where are they going?

Sámara, Costa Rica and Arenal/Monteverde, Costa Rica

Who can go?

Any high school student who has taken the equivalent of Spanish 2 or higher. Priority will be given to upperclassmen.

How much will it cost?

$2300-$2500, dependent on number of students and potential fuel surcharge 

  • Plus any additional costs in getting passport, immunizations (Hepatitis A and Typhoid), and travel items

  • Plus travel insurance (highly recommended if your policy doesn’t cover outside of the US)

  • Plus the cost of lunches, random snack food, airport food (~$125)

  • Plus the cost of any souvenirs

Why should my student go?

Lots of different reasons!

  • To experience the Costa Rican culture firsthand through homestay, Costa Rican teachers, and activities.

  • To appreciate the cultural background of Costa Rica. To be able to make comparisons with their own culture and use knowledge to better understand a Central American immigrant to America. 

  • To broaden their world view.

  • To grow in knowledge of the Spanish language through daily contextual immersion. To be forced to speak the language and improve speaking and listening abilities outside of the classroom.

  • To become familiar with international travel. To feel more confident with travel to the Spanish-speaking world. To be inspired to explore, help, and work in a world outside of the United States.

  • To practice sharing Jesus in Spanish through everyday interactions. To be inspired to share their faith with others of another culture when the opportunity arises.

Who are you traveling through? 

The agency is called Language Link and they organize almost EVERYTHING! They have been in the business of helping people learn Spanish through immersion and authentic (non-touristy) experiences for over 30 years and have a solid reputation. They organize the classes, activities, in-country transportation, and homestays specifically for each group that comes. They have high screening standards for their homestay families, especially those who host high school students.  

Why Costa Rica? 

Compared with programs in other countries that Language Link serves, Costa Rica is one of the more inexpensive, yet there are so many activities that we get to do and a huge variety of scenery! An added bonus is the size and location of the town - no real danger of getting lost. Plus, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central and South America.

Will I be able to communicate with my child? 

Absolutely! The school has Wifi as well as most of the homestay families and many businesses in Sámara. There is a +1 hour time difference.

What is the homestay experience like?

Students will stay with a friend (or two if we have an odd number) and may share a room and probably share a bathroom. Students will get breakfast and dinner from your Mama Tica. Showers will not be hot. There won’t be air conditioning, but there will be fans. Students will probably walk everywhere (most places are within 1 km) and will be expected to always be keeping in contact with their Mama Tica and Ms. Sauer to let them know of plans.

What will the school be like? 
  • Students will have four hours of group classes each day, either in the morning or afternoon based on ability. There will be lots of talking, games, and learning grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Spanish must be spoken at the school.

  • Students should pack everything needed for the day in a bag that can be kept at the school (bring a padlock). 

What will we do in Costa Rica?

This is a tentative schedule that is subject to change. 

  • Sunday, June 2: Fly out of MSP at 6:30 AM and arrive in Liberia at 1:10 PM. Drive 2 hours to Sámara Beach. Meet homestay families.

  • Monday, June 3: Breakfast with families (all days). Morning testing, orientation, and classes. Lunch on own (all days). Afternoon surfing. Free evening (hang out with your family!).

  • Tuesday, June 4: Morning Cooking and dance classes. Afternoon classes. Free evening. 

  • Wednesday, June 5: Morning classes. Afternoon volunteer activity (beach clean up). Beach bonfire at night.

  • Thursday, June 6: Morning Zipline tour. Afternoon classes. Free evening (possible Live Music at a restaurant night).

  • Friday, June 7: Morning classes. Graduation ceremony! Afternoon sea kayak and snorkel tour. Free last evening to buy souvenirs. 

  • Saturday, June 8: Possible free morning. Depart families with luggage for Arenal/Monteverde. Hot springs, resort dinner. Stay overnight in hotel.

  • Sunday, June 9: Travel to Monteverde Cloud Forest. Ziplining, boat ride, night hike. Stay overnight in hotel. 

  • Monday, June 10: Depart from hotel at 8:00 AM, drive 3 hours to Liberia to catch a 2:00 PM flight, arrive in MSP at 11:15 PM. 


Sarah Sauer

Sarah Sauer


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