Strong to Serve Phase II: Fine Arts

Published Date: Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 2:00pm

Alumni often think back on their high school days and best remember the relationship made during activities. The ensembles, clubs, or sports they participated in all become the center of their “remember when” stories. For those in fine art programs, that moment of beautiful harmony, a breakout role on the stage, forming bands with friends and the satisfaction of finally mastering a hard piece of music all play core roles in memories.

At SCL, we want our graduates to have more wonderful memories of their success in the arts, and we look forward to the next project that we hope will facilitate that.

Excitement is building as plans and preparations are being made for Strong to Serve Phase II: Fine Arts!  As we continue our fundraising efforts, the architect and contractor have been selected and each day brings us closer to making this need a reality.  

Strong to Serve is designed to strengthen our students to serve their community, church, and Lord. The fine arts provide opportunities for expression and worship all in playing a pivotal role in the learning process.  

Research has shown that youth who serve in meaningful and impactful ways, stay connected to Christ. We believe this project will allow us to better serve and equip students to serve!

This multi-phase project addresses the needs of our fine arts department and enhances security.  

  • Proper practice space for sound safety and musical balance for rehearsals.   
  • Increased practice rooms for individuals, small groups, and ensembles.
  • Enhanced security and greeting space through a new front entryway and common space
  • Proper ventilation and running water in art classrooms.
  • Updated seats, lights, and sound in the auditorium.

The new construction portion of this project is $3.5 million. The great news is that we have funding for $2.2 million in gifts and commitments. Our goal is to close a funding gap of $750,000 over the next 12 months.

We ask that you consider partnering with us through a one time or multi-year gift or pledge towards the fine arts.  Your gift will play an important role in equipping our students to be Strong to Serve!


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Lucas Krueger, Class of 2008
" Each time we practiced and played, I always felt that (Coach Lemke) was putting personal confidence and trust in us as his players, and at every snap of the football I felt a responsibility to do the job with which he had entrusted me. "
- Lucas '08