Let it sn....NO!

Published Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 2:30pm
It might be safe to say many of us are tired of the snow. Schools across the region are dealing with the larger than normal amount of school cancellations due to weather. It has caused many to lengthen the school day for the rest of the year or reduce (or even cancel) their spring breaks to make up for the lost instructional contact.
Aside from adding the Monday after Easter and canceling two 2:30 dismissals, SCL has not planned a major adjustment to our school calendar. Why not?
It is in large part to the change in daily schedule that was instituted this year. By eliminating the rotating schedule and adding 15 minutes to the school day, we gained more than 15 additional contact days per course with students. This additional contact has put us ahead of schedule in comparison to the past, and lessened the need for a major schedule adjustment due to weather.
We have also seen other benefits. Teachers are more effective in guiding their advisees through course registration decisions and various academic and social issues. A new schedule was also developed to allow student groups to meet during the school day, instead of having to meet before or after school.
While no schedule is perfect, the improvements are significant! Dare we say . . . let it snow?
Dr. Ryan Rathje
Dean of Academics
St. Croix Lutheran Academy
651-455-1521 x102
Wade Guerin, Class of 2007, University of Wisconsin River Falls
" The success I had at St. Croix carried over into college, and for that, I am very grateful. "
- Wade '07