Academic and Sports Camps

Students in grades 1-9 will gain valuable skills and practice time at St. Croix Lutheran Academy's exciting and affordable summer athletic and academic camps taught by varsity coaches, faculty, and players. 


Downloadable camps booklet.




Academic Camps

CampGrades (Fall 2020) DatesTimeCostRegister by
Art5-8June 22-259:30-11:30a$75May 31
Science5-8June 22-259:30-11:30a$75May 31
American Sign Language5-8June 22-2512:00-2:00p$75May 31
Modern Etiquette5-8June 22-2512:00-2:00p$75May 31
Speak & Play Theatre - Farmington5-8June 22-258:30-10:30a$75May 31
Speak & Play Theatre - SCL5-8June 22-2512:00-2:00p$75May 31

Sports Camps

CampGrades (Fall 2020) DatesTimeCostRegister by
Baseball - Hitting/Baserunning3-4January 123:30-5:15$25December 31
Baseball - Hitting/Baserunning5-6January 125:30-7:15$25December 31
Baseball - Hitting/Baserunning7-8January 127:30-9:15$25December 31
Baseball - Defense 3-4January 193:30-5:15$25December 31
Baseball - Defense 5-6January 195:30-7:15$25December 31
Baseball - Defense 7-8January 197:30-9:15$25December 31
Baseball - Pitching/Catching 3-4January 263:30-5:15$25December 31
Baseball - Pitching/Catching 5-6January 265:30-7:15$25December 31
Baseball - Pitching/Catching 7-8January 267:30-9:15$25December 31
Girls Basketball5-9June 8-118:45a-3:00p$150May 31
Boys Basketball4–6June 15-188:30–11:30a$75May 31
Boys Basketball7–9June 15-1812:30–3:30p$75May 31    
Wrestling1-9July 20-239:00a-12:00p$75June 30
Volleyball6-9July 20-239:00a-12:00p$75June 30 
Bowling (co-ed)4-9July 20-231:00-4:00p$75June 30
Soccer (co-ed)5–9August 3-69:00a–12:00p$75June 30
FootballK-4August 10-13*8:00-10:00a$75June 30


5-8August 10-13*10:15a-12:15p$75June 30


K-8August 139:00a-12:00pincludes BBQ 

Late Registration and Cancellation Fees
- $20 late registration fee (girls basketball camp late fee is $25)
- $10 processing fee for all cancellations
- 100% refund with two weeks cancellation notice (minus $10 processing fee)
- 50% refund for less than two weeks’ notice 



Art Exploration (Gr. 5-8)

Unleash your inner animal! Projects will explore God's beautiful, wild kingdom while exploring various mediums including drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students will complete 2-3 projects during the four-day camp. All artistic levels are welcome!

Karen Scislow

Introduction to American Sign Language (Gr. 5-8)

Learn a new language using your hands instead of your voice. Students will use games and activities to learn fingerspelling, numbers, and vocabulary for everyday conversations. Learn skills in the third most popular language in the United States.

Jill Kock

Baseball Camps (Boys Gr. 3-8)

Campers will learn about baseball best practices in hitting, defense, pitching, and catching at our three winter camp options.  Led by our varsity coaches and players, participants will get age-appropriate instruction and drills to take home to improve their game.  Emphasis will be placed on the proper arm and body care, nutrition, and exercise to be ready for sport movement of any type year-round.  Campers will receive a free t-shirt and Crusader baseball stadium cup with registration.

Nate Kallies

Basketball Camp (Boys Gr. 4-9, Girls Gr. 5-9)

Build a love for the game and develop sound fundamental skills and team play. Each day includes skill stations, contests, and team competitions. Campers should bring a great attitude. Grades 4-6 boys may be dropped off as early as 8:00 a.m. Girls may be dropped off as early as 8:15 a.m. Girls should bring a lunch. 

Dave Mielke (Girls Coach)

Jay Wendland (Boys Coach)

Bowling Camp (Gr. 4-9)

Become a better bowler by learning strategy, technique, and accuracy under the guidance of SCL's award-winning varsity bowling coach and top student bowlers at Concord Lanes in South St. Paul. Cost includes lane fees, shoe rental, and equipment. One-way bussing to Concord Lanes will be provided for students who are enrolled in the morning volleyball or wrestling camps.

Dan Swiderski  

Modern Etiquette (Gr. 5-8)

You only get one chance to make a great first impression! Students will learn and practice their interpersonal skills. Themes explored include digital and written communication, social skills, and dining etiquette. On the final day of camp, students can put their new skills into practice with a formal dinner. (Please notify the school if your student has food allergies/limitations).

Chris Tollefson 

Football Camp (Gr. 4-9)

Improve mental focus and learn winning technique from SCL varsity coach Adam Frey and varsity coaching staff. Camp is divided into two levels with a final day that brings both levels together. Players are taught fundamental skills and compete using age-appropriate equipment. No helmets or pads needed. Proper athletic shoes, socks, and shorts should be worn.

Adam Frey

Scientific Discoveries (Gr. 5-8)

Observe, investigate, hypothesize, experiment, create! Team up in the science labs for four days of exciting and interactive exploration.

Brent Schacht 


Soccer Camp (Gr. 5-9)

Varsity coaches and top players teach fundamental skills and team play at SCL's co-ed soccer camp. Proper athletic shoes, socks, shirts, and shorts should be worn. Shin pads are mandatory. Participants should bring their own water each day. Registration includes individual instruction, a soccer ball, t-shirt, and awards.

David Huebner (Girls Coach)

Chris Maki (Boys Coach)

Speak and Play Theatre Camp (Gr. 5-8)

Gain public speaking confidence and perform in reader's theatre! Students are taught speech skills and given character roles during fun activities. Their newly acquired abilities will be showcased for friends and family on the last day of camp. Two locations (this camp only). The performance is at the SCL campus only.

Rebecca Maki

Volleyball Camp (Gr. 6-9)

Serve, pass, set, spike, and block! Award-winning coach Rachel Grev, varsity coaches, and top players instruct campers based on skill level. Each day includes skill stations, individual contests, and team competitions. Registration includes training, prizes, awards, and a camp t-shirt. Campers bring shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, knee pads, and a water bottle for break times. Report illnss or injuries to the staff prior to the start of camp.

Rachel Grev

Wrestling Camp (Gr. 1-9)

Wrestle with strength and strategy! The Crusader wrestling camp teaches folkstyle (high school) wrestling and offers campers the opportunity to try out some of the best moves and techniques in the sport. This camp is geared toward beginners who are interested in building their skills. Campers should bring shorts, shirt, water bottle, and wrestling shoes (optional).

Cory Olson


Lucas Krueger, Class of 2008, Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship, Alabama A&M University
" St. Croix's athletic program prepared me both physically and mentally for stepping up to the next level of training. "
- Lucas '08