Academic and Sports Camps

Students in grades 1-8 will gain valuable skills and practice time at St. Croix Lutheran Academy's exciting and affordable summer athletic and academic camps taught by varsity coaches, faculty, and players. 


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Academic Camps

CampGrades (Fall 2019) DatesTimeCostRegister by
Band6-9July 15-182:00-4:00p$75June 30 
Computer Science 5-65-6July 15-189:30-11:30a$75June 30 
Computer Science 7-87-8July 15-1812:00-2:00p$75June 30 
Speak & Play Theatre 5-65-6July 15-1812:00-2:00p$75June 30 
Speak & Play Theatre 7-87-8July 15-189:30-11:30a$75June 30 

Sports Camps

CampGrades (Fall 2019) DatesTimeCostRegister by
Boys Basketball4–6June 17-208:30–11:30a$75May 31
Boys Basketball7–9June 17-2012:30–3:30p$75May 31    
Girls Basketball5–9June 10-148:45a–3:00p$150May 31
Bowling4–9July 22-261:00–4:00p$75June 30 
Football 4-9August 5-99:00a–12:00p$75June 30
Soccer5–9July 29–Aug 29:00a–12:00p$75June 30
Volleyball 6–9July 22–259:00a–12:00p$75June 30


1–9June 24–289:00a–12:00p$75May 31

Late Registration and Cancellation Fees
- $20 late registration fee (girls basketball camp late fee is $25)
- $10 processing fee for all cancellations
- 100% refund with two weeks cancellation notice (minus $10 processing fee)
- 50% refund for less than two weeks’ notice (minus $10 processing fee)

Basketball Camp (Boys Gr. 4-9, Girls Gr. 5-9)

Build a love for the game and develop sound fundamental skills and team play. Each day includes instructional stations, individual skill contests, and team competition. Campers should bring a great attitude. Grades 4-6 boys may be dropped off as early as 8:00 a.m. Girls may be dropped off as early as 8:15 a.m. Girls should bring a lunch. Girls basketball camp will finish at 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

Dave Mielke (Girls Coach)

Jay Wendland (Boys Coach)

Band Camp (Gr. 6-9)

Any experienced band students in grades 6-9 are invited to attend.   By focusing on specific instruments, this camp will highlight practice time as an opportunity to strengthen valuable performance skills.  As the musicians participate in small groups or ensembles, they will also explore the positive impact of teamwork and bonding, and how these positively impact their playing. A mini concert for friends and family will be performed a the end of this camp.

John Fenske

Bowling Camp (Gr. 4-9)

Becoming a better bowler requires strategy, technique, and accuracy! Increase your strength and accuracy under the guidance of SCL’s varsity bowling coach and top student bowlers at Concord Lanes in South St. Paul, or just come to make new friends and have a good time. Cost includes lane fees, shoe rental, and equipment.

Dan Swiderski  

Computer Science Camp (Gr. 5-8)

Lots of us use mobile apps, play video games, and use all sorts of other technologies every day, but do we really know how any of them work? Gain some computer "superpowers" by under­standing some of the “whys” and “hows” of the technology you use every day! Younger campers will learn computation thinking through blocks-based programming, while older campers will move into text-based code in this four-day, hands-on camp.

Dave Tess 

Football Camp (Gr. 4-9)

Improve mental focus and learn winning technique from varsity coaching staff. Incoming head football coach Adam Frey will replace Carl Lemke as the football camps coach this year. The focus of the camp is on individual and team skill development; non-contact drills; 7-on-7 competitions; and team games. Proper athletic shoes, socks, shorts, etc. should be worn. Campers are asked to bring their own towels and locks. Lockers and shower rooms will be available for use.

Ryan Hulse

Soccer Camp (Gr. 5-9)

SCL’s co-ed soccer camp will improve your fundamental skills in a relaxed, yet enthusiastic and competitive environment. Arrive early and be dressed for physical activity. Proper athletic shoes, socks, shorts, etc., should be worn. Shin pads are mandatory. We ask that participants bring their own water each day also. Registration is limited to 80 campers and includes individual instruction, a soccer ball, t-shirt, and awards.

David Huebner (Girls Coach)

Chris Maki (Boys Coach)

Speak and Play Theatre Camp (Gr. 5-8)

Gain confidence in public speaking and perform in a reader’s theatre production! Students will be exposed to speech skills and character roles through games and activities. Their newly developed stage presence and performance abilities will be displayed in a short showcase for their friends and family at the end of the week.

Rebecca Maki

Volleyball Camp (Gr. 6-9)

Serve, bump, set, spike, and block! Come and learn from three-time section 4AA coach of the year Rachel Grev and varsity players at the SCL volleyball camp! Each day includes instructional stations, individual skill contests, and team competition. Campers will also play games of 6-on-6. To maintain a strong and safe learning environment, the camp will be limited to the first 80 registered and paid. Registration fees include instruction, prizes, awards, and a camp t-shirt. Campers must bring shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, knee pads, and a water bottle for break times. Please report any illnesses or injuries to the staff prior to the start of camp.

Rachel Grev

Wrestling Camp (Gr. 1-9)

Wrestle the right way! The Crusader wrestling camp teaches folkstyle (high school) wrestling and offers campers the opportunity to try out some of the best moves and techniques in the sport. This camp is geared toward beginners who are interested in building their skills. Campers should bring shorts, t-shirts, a water bottle, and wrestling shoes (optional).

Cory Olson

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