The Twin Cities Fine Arts Festival (TCFAF) is an opportunity for Lutheran grade school and middle school instrumentalists, vocalists, and visual artists to perform, display, and enhance their God-given abilities in the area of the fine arts. Schools and students of the St. Croix Lutheran Academy  Association and the West Lutheran High School Association are encouraged to participate.

The TCFAF will take place virtually this year.

  • Art, instrumental and vocal solo and small group events, and choir events are available for evaluation.
  • Art submissions should be sent via photo(s). 
  • Choirs only need to record one piece and can be sacred or secular.
  • Videos of music events must show the entire student from head to toe.  Fingering must be visible for instrumental events, and keyboard and pedal must be visible for piano events.
  • A PDF copy of the music for music events must be provided with the submission.
  • Entries may be submitted between March 15 and April 17.
  • Feedback and awards will be sent to each school by May 1
  • There is no registration fee this year.


Tips for Submitting a Video

  1. Have a family member record the video using a phone or another video recording device (not a computer if possible as the quality is usually poor). 
  2. If using a phone, use the back camera, not the selfie camera.
  3. Do not cover the person with the stand; the student’s entire body should be visible during the event.