SCLA band oboe.
SCLA band flute.
SCLA band drums.
SCLA middle school band.
SCLA band saxophone.
SCLA band french horn.
SCLA jazz band director.
SCLA band  trumpet.
SCLA band trombone.


St. Croix Lutheran Academy's instrumental program is directed by Mr. John Fenske and Mrs. Jamee Kroll. Students with any level of instrumental ability are invited to improve and practice their God-given skills and are given many opportunities including concerts, athletic events, and special events like the annual Veterans and Memorial Day celebrations.

Upcoming Events

Meet the Director

John Fenske

Meet the Director

Jamee Kroll

Mrs. Kroll has been part of the dormitory program since 2021 and enjoys hearing the stories and concerns of students and staff who make up St. Croix Lutheran Academy. She continues to look for ways to improve our multicultural community by targeting improved relationships among all.

Lead Supervisors support students, the Dormitory Student Advisor, the Dormitory Director with various programing efforts such as leading JuniorĀ Boarding and assisting with the Resident Assistant Program among other administrative support in the residential program.