Applications Due March 15

In addition to receiving general assistance, full-time American students may apply for several scholarships. Students enrolled in the PSEO program are not eligible to apply for tuition assistance or the scholarships listed. International students are not eligible to apply for tuition assistance or the scholarships listed.

Thanks to the generous contributions of SCLA supporters, we are able to offer additional financial aid to families in the form of scholarships.

Except for the Association and TRIA scholarships, all scholarships are need-based and require proof of eligibility through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (BBFAM).

Association Scholarship    TRIA Scholarship

  • The Association Scholarship may be printed and submitted in-person, via USPS, or through PowerSchool as it requires a signature from your pastor.
  • The TRIA Scholarship is due March 15 and may be emailed to once completed.

Need-Based Scholarships

Step 1. Complete the Blackbaud Application

Blackbaud Application  Instructions

After completing the BBFAM application and receiving confirmation, complete the online form below (except Association Scholarship which must be printed, signed by a pastor, and submitted to the front office) or click on a scholarship title below to download, complete, and print the applications. All materials may be turned in to the front office. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Individual applications must be filled out completely to be considered. Supporting documents must be provided for each individual scholarship application.

Step 2. Receive Confirmation from Blackbaud

Step 3. Complete Individual Scholarship Applications