Volunteer Leadership and Service Opportunities

National Honor Society

NHS is a select leadership service organization that organizes two annual blood drives, highway cleanup, and other projects. All students in grades 10 through 12 who have been enrolled for at least one semester and who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 are eligible to become NHS candidates. SCL instructors make further selections based on the NHS standards of leadership, service, and character.

Stream Team

Students interested in the visual arts and broadcasting have the opportunity to serve as camera operators, broadcast associates, and sound/light technicians for various events. The co-curricular program is led by the Visual Recording Arts instructor. This service group learns about SCL’s modern broadcast audio visual technologies and volunteers time and talents for theater performances, chapel, concerts and other major events, such as graduation. Visit the connect page for SCL videos on YouTube.

Homeroom Food Drive

Homerooms composed of different grade levels bond as a team in an annual competition to collect the most food for those in need. Students and families consistently gather over 1500 pounds of nonperishable foods each year.

Peer Leadership

Students volunteer for this multi-faceted leadership program and are selected by coaches and instructors. Leaders attend a day-long workshop at SCL presented by an outside expert in the field of leadership. In August, selected students attend a day-long leadership seminar off-campus. Peer leaders often provide peer mentoring and homework assistance.

Teens for Life

This student-led service group promotes that all life is precious and important from beginning to end. Students meet regularly as a group with an experienced on-staff professional to discuss current events and issues related to the value of life.

New Friends

For people with special needs, developing friendships can often be tough. In response to this, teens from St. Croix Lutheran have developed a friendship group called New Friends. This friendship group aims to  create an atmosphere where everyone who attends can hang out and develop friendships in an atmosphere of 100% love and acceptance. At a New Friends event, young people, with and without special needs, join together to enjoy various activities like games, music, crafts, and snacks. The focus is on having fun and developing new friendships in a safe, judgment free environment. Learn more at StCroixNewFriends.org

Right Triangle Theater

Students in the Right Triangle Theater group create and perform meaningful skits addressing the challenges young people face—including peer pressure, bullying and loss. This volunteer service group performs at grade schools within the St. Croix Lutheran Association. 

Anthea Chow, Class of 2002, University of Washington, M.A. Cornell University, HR Employee of Microsoft Corporation
" I would encourage international students to join an after-school sports program or club and participate in other activities because that will give you a complete study abroad experience. "
- Anthea '02