International Leadership and Service Opportunities

Global Leadership Team

This select group of international and American students meets regularly throughout the school year to discuss school culture and help facilitate fun cross-cultural learning experiences. The team plans cultural aspects into many everyday events and implements unique experiences such as the International Festival, multi-cultural holidays, and multi-cultural presentations to SCL’s student body and other schools.

United Nations Assembly

This world-wide program consists of students interested in international diplomacy and the process of law. Started at SCL by a Korean student, this team has the advantage of the international mix of SCL students. They meet weekly to plan for the model assembly held annually in March at the large conference center in downtown Minneapolis.

International Mentoring

This important group of select American volunteers donates their talents and a part of their summer. They are the first American students to meet new international students at the beginning of the school year and participate in focused events to ease transition to American school and social life. Mentors experience the benefits of cross-cultural friendship through fun and personal multi-cultural interactions.

China Trip

Chinese language students at SCL are encouraged to visit China on a school-sponsored trip available every two years. Students participate in an authentic service learning trip through a one-week experience teaching at a summer English camp for children in Beijing. Students and chaperones then take one week to visit the ancient land and culture of China in Beijing and Xian, China.

German Exchange Trip

Experiential learning in the German language includes an on-going interaction with students at Evangelisches Gymnasium in Siegen, Germany. On alternating years, students come from Germany to visit SCL for two weeks and SCL students visit Germany.

Spanish Mission Trip

SCL’s large Spanish language program offers a bi-annual trip to Costa Rica or other locations in Latin America to provide relief and lead Christian programs for young people in the local communities.

Jeffrey Dubose, Class of 2010, Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship, Gustavus Adolphus College
" Going to a school where the academic concern is as high as the athletic concern opened doors for me to further my education and also my career in sports. "
- Jeffrey '10