Middle School Student Support

As middle school students transition from grade school and move from homerooms to a schedule of seven classes per day, proper support and training are necessary. SCL offers individual attention and in-depth instruction to sixth-graders through an Intro to Middle School course, and additional services are offered to students who have other needs and learning challenges. All services are offered in the context of a Christian foundation to uplift students and encourage self-advocacy.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (“LRC”) at SCL is designed to better meet the learning needs of students and their families who desire a Christian education at SCL. With the increasing diversity of learning needs of our present student body, as well as looking towards our future, the LRC provides much-needed support for families and teachers, aiding students with learning needs to experience success at SCL.

Lorna Kapanke serves as SCL's Learning Coordinator. She works with the middle school principal, the guidance department, and class advisors to identify students who need the support of this program. She meets with the families to discuss each student’s specific needs, and “staffings” for students will occur with teachers and families prior to the beginning of the school year so that success can begin from day one!

If you have a student who might benefit from this program or have questions about what SCL offers, Mrs. Kapanke welcomes the opportunity to talk with you. Contact her via email or call (651) 455-1521, ext. 117. 

" Excellent school offering so many opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, all in a very caring, Christian environment. My daughter and son both went on to Big 10 schools and were prepared academically and socially. "
- Kris M., SCL Parent