Middle School Faculty and Staff

God has placed the spiritual, mental, physical, intellectual, and social growth of his children into the hands of parents. St. Croix Lutheran exists to assist parents with this responsibility.

At St. Croix Lutheran, instructors want to collaborate with students and parents in an ongoing conversation about how we can all work together toward student achievement. St. Croix Lutheran deeply appreciates active parents, yet we ask that students are encouraged to always communicate with a teacher or coach first on issues regarding grades or playing time. We want to see young people grow as self advocates.

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Instructor, Dormitory Supervisor
Instructor, Band Director
Instructor, Coach
Middle School Principal
Drew Kock
Instructor, Middle School Athletic Director, Coach
Rebecca Maki
Chris Maki
Instructor, Junior Boarding School Supervisor
Instructor, Coach
Instructor, Croixalier Director
Cory Olson
Instructor, Coach
Todd Russ
President, Instructor, Coach
Sarah Sauer
Instructor, Coach
Hannah Schmiege
Dormitory Director
Garrett Schoch
Lisa Streckert
Middle School Administrative Assistant
Cate Strehlow
St. Croix Lutheran Academy
" The St. Croix Lutheran middle school teachers are very insightful and possess the right tools to engage the students in the learning process. My daughter loves the learning atmosphere! "
- SCL Parent