Meet the Middle School Principal

Jay Wendland, Middle School PrincipalWelcome to St. Croix Lutheran Middle School!

Please take time to read through this website to get a better idea of the educational approach St. Croix offers and explore our blog for an up-to-date look at happenings inside our school. As you learn more about St. Croix, we hope you’ll begin to see just how your family will fit into our community.

We take great delight in working side-by-side with students to develop a greater, more meaningful understanding of our world. Rooted in Christian principles and offering an educational foundation that explores the subjects of math, science, language arts, world languages and more, we truly believe that a St. Croix education delivers tremendous value.

The middle school years are a time of both incredible growth and incredible challenge in students’ academic, personal, and spiritual lives. We are eager to help guide your child through these years by offering a comprehensive educational approach that will challenge and engage your student. We understand that when your child enrolls at St. Croix, you’ve entrusted us with a person whom God will use to do great things, and we don’t take our responsibility lightly.

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for your efforts to provide the very best for your child. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in developing a servant leader equipped with the skills to make a wonderful difference in our world.

Jay Wendland, St. Croix Lutheran Middle School Principal

St. Croix Lutheran - Grades 6-12
" The St. Croix Lutheran Middle School teachers are very insightful and possess the right tools to engage the students in the learning process. My daughter loves the learning atmosphere! "
- St. Croix Parent