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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Mrs. Strehlow's Green Architecture students are creating ads to promote recycling--in construction and in daily life. Each pair picked a recyclable item, found facts, developed a slogan, and developed a logo. Students are incorporating advertising principles into the making of their ads. Ads will be due later this week.

Art in the Style Of...

The Middle School Art students are studying different artists and the eras in which they lived and produced masterpieces. We create our own works of art using similar techniques that the artists use. We have accomplished some more "serious" works as we sculpted like Michelangelo, drew still-lifes like Cezanne, and costumed self portraits like Rembrandt. Now we are moving on to some fun creations as we paint like Monet, use patterns like Matisse, and experiment with distortion using the crazy techniques of Picasso.

Conflict in Literature and Life

This week, Miss Flad's Language Arts 3 class is learning about conflict through literature. They'll read historical fiction depicting life as a drummer boy for the Civil War, a Japanese American in an internment camp, and a sniper in Ireland's civil war. Next week, they'll compare and contrast Ireland's history with the current Scottish vote for independence, and use that information to write a persuasive essay.


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