New STEM Class for Seniors

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program at SCL was adopted in the high school in 2012 with the first course, Principles of Engineering. Since then, two more courses have been added, Introduction to Engineering and Design and Computer Science and Software Engineering. This year, Mrs. Leanne Stob, SCL's STEM coordinator, has added another class, STEM Capstone, to serve students who have completed all previous STEM coursework. Stob stated, "There was a need for continuing coursework for seniors who started STEM as freshmen. They deserve it." The two-semester class will study architect design, LEGO robotics, and aerospace engineering. So far seven students have been accepted into the class which requires students to complete an application.

" Every child can find something to fit their interests, whether it's sports, fine arts, STEM, giving to the community, or helping others. We are proud to be part of the SCL family. "
- Rachel C., SCL Parent