Admissions & Visa Process for International Students

International student in class at St. Croix Lutheran.It is recommended that application is made early for the best opportunity for enrollment.

The early application deadline is January 31 (February 15 decision). The standard application deadline is March 31, with decisions made by April 15. Applications submitted after April 15 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Applicants are rated on the following criteria:

Transcripts must show above-average academic ability.

  • Students must be responsible, honest and cooperative, must demonstrate good character and citizenship, and be respectful of others.
  • Students must be self-motivated, responsible for their own success, and able to organize personal time.
  • Applications must be complete and include the main information form, official English transcripts from the last three years, letters of recommendation, and a non-refundable $100 fee.

Stronger applicants are able to demonstrate proficiency in English. The TOEFL test is not required, but it is highly recommended for placement in advanced classes. Before a student is accepted into St. Croix's program, he/she may meet the English proficiency standard by one of the following methods:

  • Submitting a variety of tests, or
  • Participating in a phone/personal interview with our admissions staff, or
  • Showing a strong academic history of English coursework.

Because admission into St. Croix’s international program is competitive, not all qualified applicants will be accepted. 

Applicants have a stronger application if they are entering St. Croix in grades 6–9 and are committed to earning a diploma from St. Croix Schools. The longer a student is in St. Croix's program, the greater the success rate of that individual student. 

Admissions Statistics – St. Croix International Residents 

The St. Croix admissions committee seeks a balance in representation with students from a variety of countries to create a living environment that facilitates developing conversational English. St. Croix does not discriminate according to race, gender, or heritage, but reserves the right to accept and decline applicants in a manner that leads to the most conducive learning environment for all students. 

Approximately 80 students apply each year for St. Croix's international program and about 45 students are accepted. The following numbers reflect the average number of students who applied and were accepted from each region in a given year.

USA1511(American students who live on-campus)
South Korea127 
Latin/South America64 
Middle East21 

Of St. Croix's international graduates, 99% have continued their education at a university.

Application Procedures and Timetable 

St. Croix Lutheran students in classroom during class

International students apply for the coming school year using the Application Form. It is recommended that application is made early to guarantee a place in the enrollment. The early application deadline is January 31. Decisions will be made by the admissions committee on February 15. The standard application deadline is March 31, with decisions made on April 15. Applications submitted after April 15 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Step 1: Apply: Must include $100 application fee.

  • Pages 1-4 are to be completed by the student and family.
  • Page 5 is to be completed by the student's School Principal or Advisor.
  • Page 6 is to be completed by the student’s English Teacher.
  • Page 7 is the application checklist for your use.

    Other information sheets are for you to keep for your reference.

    School Transcripts: The student will send official school transcripts with the application form from any schools attended during grades 6-12 where applicable. These transcripts must be translated into English.

Step 2: The St. Croix admissions team reviews the application and, if accepted, will send an email with the acceptance letter. Upon receiving the email, the student/family will send the $3,000 enrollment fee to reserve a place in the enrollment.

Step 3: Upon receiving the $4,000 enrollment fee, St. Croix will send the following:

  • Acceptance letter (original hard copy)
  • I-20 form from St. Croix Academy
  • A receipt for the application fee
  • A “next steps for enrollment” sheet

Step 4: Visa application. The documents needed at the Embassy are:

  • Passport
  • Acceptance letter
  • I-20 form from St. Croix Academy
  • Receipts for any payments made
  • Proof of payment of $200 USD SEVIS I-901 fee
  • Proof of the family financial support
  • Proof of connections to home country after schooling is finished

Additional Notes: When a visa is granted, please inform St. Croix immediately. Also inform St. Croix of finalized flight and arrival day/time as soon as travel arrangements are made. All NEW international students are required to arrive at St. Croix in time for Orientation.

Testing: The SSAT is the preferred test for admission to St. Croix Academy.

2018-2019 1-Page Calendar (Intl)

Anthea Chow, Class of 2002, University of Washington, M.A. Cornell University, HR Employee of Microsoft Corporation
" I would encourage international students to join an after-school sports program or club and participate in other activities because that will give you a complete study abroad experience. "
- Anthea '02