Letter from the High School Principal


I am pleased to introduce you to St. Croix Lutheran Grades 6-12.

SCL is built on the principle that a quality education includes not just the academic, social, and physical aspects of a student’s life, but spiritual development as well.

A strong Christian education is among the many benefits of SCL.

High academic standards in an environment of wholesome and caring support, teachers who assist students in the learning process through a variety of approaches, and a partnership with the home are all priorities at St. Croix Lutheran.

The best way to experience the St. Croix family is to visit the school, take a tour, and meet the students and staff.

If you would like to set up a time to meet, or arrange an opportunity for your student to shadow a current SCL student, please contact me at RGibson@StCroixLutheran.org, or by phone at (651) 455-1521.

Ric Gibson, St. Croix Lutheran High School Principal

Jeffrey Dubose, Class of 2010, Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship, Gustavus Adolphus College
" The spiritual focus at St. Croix has given me a stronghold in my life. I am able to go to God in times of success and failure. "
- Jeffrey '10