High School Student Support

Learning Resource Center

Students come to St. Croix Lutheran Academy with a variety of gifts and talents. The Learning Resource Center (LRC) was established to support students with learning differences to experience academic success within the inclusive classroom setting.

The LRC provides academic support through directed study halls, instruction in study skills, and test-taking support.

Assets of the program include:

  • Peer Tutoring: The program provides peer tutors for students needing assistance in a specific academic area.
  • Special Education Plans: Students with identified learning disabilities or medical conditions that affect learning can receive modifications and accommodations through a 504 Plan. Students that need services through the public school system receive those services through a plan developed with District 197. 

If you have a student who might benefit from this program or have questions about what SCL offers, Lorna Kapanke welcomes the opportunity to talk with you. You can contact Mrs. Kapanke via email or call (651) 455-1521, ext. 117.

College Counseling

Click here to download more information about SCL's College and Career Guidance programs.

SCL offers students learning opportunities such as Career Day and college and university visits during their junior and senior years to help them make their post-graduation decisions. Students receive one-on-one guidance, if desired, and are encouraged to take advantage of all the guidance programs available to them.

Beginning in their sophomore year, SCL students are connected to the Naviance online college planning program where they can explore thousands of universities, apply online, track their admission status, and electronically submit their transcripts and academic letters of recommendation. SCL prepares students for their post-graduation endeavors by offering a University Experience.

St. Croix Lutheran high school students are supported by the Guidance Department as they discover their talents and gifts and plan for their future. Guidance Director Pastor Dave Huebner works with guidance counselor John Brennan to help students discover their aptitude and interests and to locate options for post-secondary education at colleges, universities, and occupational training schools. 

Personal Counseling

The teen years can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. When a student needs help from an unbiased listener, SCL offers individual counseling to help our students through the tough times. Our Guidance Director is Pastor Dave Huebner.

Every student is assigned an advisor who assists with class and activity choices as well as personal and spiritual counseling.

Counselors are available daily.

School Nurse

District 197 provides the services of a school nurse for those students attending SCL who request such services. The nurse’s office is equipped with first-aid supplies, simple diagnostic equipment, and a resting place for students who are feeling ill.

" The teachers and staff are talented and caring. As parents we are grateful for the Christian foundation SCL provides its students. "
- Brian S., SCL Parent